Art: I make use of a variety of media, including acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, pastel, pencil crayon, alcohol ink, ceramics, clay, wax, mosaic, wire, and paper

I’m in the process of illustrating three different picture books that I’m co-authoring with Emily Blamire. We’re pretty excited about them. Stay tuned for details as the project(s) develop!

Building and robotics: I build with whatever I can get my hands on. Recent projects include furniture (I recently built a variety of pieces using upcycled and raw materials, and am currently working on a sit-stand, adjustable drafting desk with an Arduino-powered lightbox), sewing (I’ve designed and created a convertible travel dress that can be worn in 53 ways and counting!), Raspberry Pi (I’m learning how to create my very own Internet of Things with the help of some online courses), and Arduino (e.g. automatic curtains on a timer controlled by your phone). I’m looking forward to learning more about wood and metalwork in the near future.

Open learning and skill-sharing: I’m a friend and fan of several makerspaces in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and am also an avid user of Massively Online Open Courses, freely taking classes in everything from philosophy to programming to architecture.

Books! I like books, no surprise, but I especially love audiobooks cause they let me do other things while being told a story. Here’s a list of things I’ve read recently.

Travel: I’ve been to 30ish countries so far, recently returning from a trip to the Netherlands/Denmark/Sweden

Hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing and cycling: I’m thrilled to currently be back home in Vancouver, with its proximity to nature, and am looking forward to getting out on the trails this season!

*photos coming soon*